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Arugam Bay

Rent a car in Arugam Bay

Also known as the “surfer’s paradise”, Arugam Bay is the place to be if you are a beach lover. If you are a group of independent tourists happy to make new friends and laze around in beachside cafes while hitting the water with your surfboard on and off, Arugam Bay will be an appealing destination to rent a car and take off to during your visit to Sri Lanka. Isolated on the deep east coast of the island nation, Arugam Bay has only recently begun thriving in the tourist industry.

Via the southern expressway, Arugam Bay is approximately 410kms from Colombo, a 6-6.5 hour drive. An hour longer, but 50kms lesser is the alternate route via the Colombo – Batticaloa highway.

When in Arugam Bay

Once you’ve arranged our car rental services to Arugam Bay on self-drive basis or with a professional driver, there are some attractions you can visit:

Arugam Bay Beach

Known as one of the best surfing spots in the world, the Arugam Bay Beach is where one would spend most of their time.

Pottuvil point

A small and hollow reef break about 6km north of Arugam Bay. This location has a playful right hand, sand-bottom, and a good south swell, making it perfect for surfing and swimming.

Panama Beach

One of Sri Lanka’s most beloved beaches is the Panama Beach – very clean, uniquely blackish-grey sand, with the possibility of every water sport being practicable here.

Panama Crocodile Tank

This is a popular viewing point for crocodiles. A traditional variety of paddy is grown in the naturally fertile fields that surround this area.

Crocodile Rock

2kms south of Arugam Bay is another deserted beach known as Kudakalliya. The crocodile rock is a tough climb from here – scrambling across dunes and wading through the lagoon. Don’t be surprised to see eagles whooshing above your head and elephants trying to climb the rock. Once you reach the top, you are rewarded with splendid views of the inland paddy fields and lagoon.


A short distance from Panama beach is the Kudumbigala monastery comprising of more than 200 cave accommodations. Several rock mountains surround this area, offering breathtaking views seen at the summit.

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