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Rent a car in Galle

When planning your visit to Sri Lanka, you must have surely heard about the city of Galle being a popular tourist destination. The country’s fascinating colonial-era history is exhibited here along with the stunning turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. No trip to Sri Lanka is complete without a visit to Galle; so rent a car in Galle and show yourself around the antiquities and don’t forget to take a dip in the calm and clear waters of the southern coast.

From the Bandaranaike International Airport, you could rent a car and get to Galle in about two and a half hours via the Southern Expressway. From Colombo, the same highway will take you to Galle in about half the time.

By making use of car rental services, you have the flexibility to take your own routes, pick your own timings, and plan your visit to Galle just the way you want it. If you are hesitant to drive in Sri Lanka, our rent a car services are also offered with a qualified driver who can take you to Galle.

When in Galle

With your car in Galle, drive around to visit the following places:

Gallle Fort

A UNESCO World Heritage site, and a must-visit, is the popular Dutch Fort in Galle. The scenic views here are perfect for an evening stroll and social-media worthy photographs. The Galle Fort Lighthouse is one of the oldest in Sri Lanka and is still in use today. The beach at this location is absolutely swim-safe and worth taking a dip.

Walk around the colony and explore the many restaurants and cafes offering a wide variety of cuisines; ranging from authentic local rice and curry to Italian and Western menus. Delicious home-made ice creams are also a must-try.

Dutch Reformed Church

Located within the Galle Fort area, the Dutch Reformed Church is renowned for its fascinating interiors.

Flag Rock

After you have explored the Galle Fort, walk to the southernmost point and enjoy the sunset or be amazed at the locals cliff jumping from the Flag Rock, which was once a signaling point for ships coming in.

Old Dutch Market

Also known as the green market, this marketplace is a unique remnant of colonial times and is the best place to find fresh and exotic local products. Since you have access to a car in Galle, go checkout the products at the old Dutch Market.

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