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Ella, a small yet scenic town located in Sri Lanka’s hills, is rich in biodiversity and is dense with a variety of flora and fauna. The natural beauty, waterfalls, hills and greenery is just extraordinary in Ella, making it a top-ranking tourist destination in Sri Lanka.

The fastest route to ella in your self-drive rent a car will be through the Southern Expressway. The distance is about 327kms, which is about 100kms more than other routes, but the travel time is about one hour faster as a result of the expressway. If you want to save up on the meter reading, the alternative route would be the Colombo – Ratnapura – Wellawaya – Batticaloa Highway known as the A4. The southern express will take you to Ella in about 4 hours, 45 minutes, while the alternative route takes about 5 hours, 40 minutes.

When in Ella

We offer exclusive car rental services with a skilled driver as well, so you can relax while exploring Sri Lanka, particularly stunning destinations like Ella.

Ravana Falls

A popular tourist attraction is the Ravana Falls, one of the widest in Sri Lanka. Gushing down at a height of 82meters, the water falls from an oval concave rock.

Nine Arches Bridge

This arched railway bridge is a globally known landmark with the name Nine Arches Bridge or ‘Bridge in the Sky’. A magnificent example of colonial-era construction is now a must-visit attraction, not forgetting to mention the beautiful scenery as you get there.

Little Adam’s Peak

A modest mountain with sweeping panoramas gets its name from its big brother Adam’s Peak in Nuwara Eliya because the mountain represents a similar shape. Those up for a moderate hiking trail should climb this mountain for gorgeous views of the sunrise and sunset.

Ravana’s Cave

According to history, King Ravana used to hide Princess Sita in this cave. About 2kms from Ella town, the cave is locted on a cliff foundation and measures about 50feet wide, 60feet high, and 150feet long.

Ella Spice Garden

The tour of Ella Spice Garden is about 15-20 minutes long and is an interesting place to learn about the different spices grown. Stroll through plants of peppers, cloves, turmeric, and chili, picking up a sample of each if you like. Once your tour is complete, you can take a cooking class featuring curry-style traditional dishes.

Ella Rock and Ella Gap

A two hour slightly tough trekking experience to climb Ella Rock and get to the Ella Gap at day-break to absorb stunning views – all the way up to the southern coast on a clear day! Take a break before you get behind the wheel of your Ella car to visit the next destination.

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