Benefits of renting a car in Sri Lanka

If you are planning on travelling to Sri Lanka soon on holiday, you should seriously give car hire a thought. Negotiating the Sri Lankan traffic is not for the feint of heart. While there is order to the chaos if you are not used to it, then it can get overwhelming. Car rental Sri Lanka is a convenient way to get around without the hassle of using public transport.

Look for driver options

Driving yourself around in Sri Lanka is doable, it just takes practice and a lot of patience. Plus, there are certain one-way road systems in operation, especially in around Colombo and Kandy cities. Hiring a car with a driver, amps up your flexibility that much more. He will know all the roads and routes and deal with all bustling traffic. All you have to do is decide on your destination and then sit back, relax and enjoy the drive.

Chauffeur that doubles as a tour guide

Going site seeing around the island? Then look for chauffeurs that are also double as tour guides. They are not only able to take you to the best and most interesting locations they will also be able to give you details about the location and its history.


When travelling in a group negotiating public transport can be frustrating. Getting everyone together, ensuring everyone is on time, purchasing tickets and also making sure that everyone actually makes it onto the public transport. Hiring a vehicle for the duration of your journey takes away all that trouble, so that getting from location to location becomes easy and hassle free.


Travelling on Sri Lankan public transport is an experience and should be tried at least once. But if you plan on doing a lot of travelling around the island then a car rental will ensure you do so in comfort. Air conditioned comfort if you so wish. You will feel fresh and ready to explore when you reach your destination.


Despite common perception, hiring a car is actually affordable and may even prove to be cost effective, especially if you are travelling in a group. Once you split the cost your travel expenses will not amount to much. This is quite helpful if you and your group are travelling on a mid-range budget. You can also hire early and negotiate good deals. Affordable comfort, now who wouldn’t want that?


Look for professional car rental options in Sri Lanka. There are many affordable services like Shineway Rent a Car, that offer experienced chauffeurs and guides. Make the most out of your holiday by renting a vehicle so that you can enjoy every moment in comfort.

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